High Frequency Vibrating Screen
High Frequency Vibrating Screen
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  • High frequency vibrating screen
  • High frequency vibrating screen

High Frequency Vibrating Screen

High-frequency vibrating screen is called high-frequency screen and high-frequency filter screen. It is a high-frequency, low-energy screening filter equipment.

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 High frequency vibrating screen product overview:

High-frequency vibrating screen is called high-frequency screen and high-frequency filter screen. It is a high-frequency, low-energy screening filter equipment. The high-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency screen) consists of a vibration exciter, a slurry distributor, a screen frame, It consists of a frame, a suspension spring and a screen.

 High frequency vibrating screen performance characteristics:

1. The sieve machine adopts a new principle design. It is a new structure of high-efficiency screen vibrating screening machine, generally using nylon or stainless steel sieve plates.
2. The exciter drives the screen surface through the transmission mechanism for high-frequency vibration and the screen box is stationary. The vibration system is designed to work in the near resonance state. The whole machine is damped and supported so that the ground does not bear the dynamic load. The screen machine does not need to be made into a foundation. It can be installed directly on a solid and flat ground or an ordinary steel structure platform to work normally.
3. The vibration frequency of the screen surface is 50Hz, the amplitude is 0~2mm, and the vibration intensity is 8~10 times of the gravity acceleration, which is 2~3 times of the vibration intensity of the general mechanical vibrating screen. The screen surface is not easy to block holes, the screening efficiency is high, and the processing capacity is large. It is especially suitable for the screening of fine-grained powder materials. The graded particle size is 0.074 to 1 mm.
4. The screen surface consists of three layers of different flexible screens. The bottom steel wire core polyurethane mesh is a support net, and a double-layer stainless steel wire braided composite mesh with different wire diameters and mesh holes is laid on the upper surface. The composite mesh layer is a working net, which is directly contacted with materials for screening work, and the lower layer of the composite mesh is a bottom mesh for distributing force and transmitting vibration to ensure high screening efficiency and long service life of the working net. There are hooks at both ends of the screen to facilitate the loading and unloading of the screen and adjust the tension. The feed buffer sieve plate distributes the slurry evenly to avoid damage caused by direct impact on the screen.
5. the installation angle of the sieve machine is convenient and adjustable, and the inclination angle of the wet screening installation of the concentrator is generally 25 ± 2 °. Adjust the drying angle according to the required mineral grain size. When the inclination angle is close to 55°, the fineness can reach 300 mesh, and the screening efficiency can reach about 75%.
6. The vibration parameters of the sieve machine are controlled by computer, and the vibration parameters of each vibrator can be adjusted separately. The instantaneous strong vibration function is set on the control, and the screen surface is cleaned regularly by setting the intermittent instantaneous strong vibration parameter to prevent the hole from being blocked.
7. The vibration transmission system is made of high-quality elastic material and flexible connection, which is reliable for long-term operation; the sieve machine is energy-saving product. The power of a single exciter is only 0.15kW, and the 2420 electromagnetic high-frequency screen is commonly used in beneficiation. The power consumption of the whole machine does not exceed 1.2kW/set.
8. The side plate of the screen box is formed by integral bending of the steel plate, which not only improves the overall rigidity and working reliability of the screen machine, but also makes the shape of the equipment more beautiful.
9. The screening machine can be equipped with different types of electric control cabinets according to different needs of customers to realize various additional functions such as parameter setting, remote centralized control, history recording and fault alarm.

 High frequency vibrating screen working principle:

The principle of high-frequency screen is different from that of ordinary screening equipment. Due to the high frequency, the tension on the surface of the slurry and the high-speed oscillation of the fine-grained material on the sieve surface are destroyed, which accelerates the large-density useful minerals and the separation and increases. The probability of contact with the mesh of the separated particle size is smaller than that of the mesh. Thereby, better separation conditions are caused, so that the material smaller than the separation particle size, especially the larger particles and the slurry, pass through the sieve to become the undersize product. It has the advantages of high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency.
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