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Standard Test Sieve
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Standard Test Sieve

The standard test sieve (200mm) is a standard test sieve that can be fitted with a standard test sieve frame with a diameter of 200mm.

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 Standard test sieve (200mm) product overview:

   The standard test sieve (200mm) is a standard test sieve that can be fitted with a standard test sieve frame with a diameter of 200mm. The standard inspection sieve frame with a diameter of 200 mm is a common sieve frame in the laboratory. There are also some customers who need a sieve frame with a diameter of 300mm or 75mm. Standard test sieve, also known as test sieve, standard analytical sieve, etc., is a laboratory for precise screening, filtration and detection of granular structure, liquid solid content and amount of particulate matter in granular and powdery materials. Commonly used equipment.
Standard test sieve (200mm) supporting inspection sieve frame composition:
   The upper part of the standard test sieve consists of fixed brass nut, pressure plate, screen cover, screen frame, middle screen frame, sieve bottom, equidistance adjustment rod, etc. All parts are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. Flexible and interchangeable performance.

 Standard test sieve (200mm) Features:

1. The whole machine is exquisite in design, reliable in quality, light in weight and small in size, convenient for placement and mobile use;
2. carefully arranged relay lines, arranged in a stable and reasonable;
3. the screening accuracy is accurate, high efficiency, can be sieved to 0.025-3mm;
4. When the test screen is working, the noise is the smallest compared with other brands in the industry;
5. equipped with time relay control, inspection time is not bad;
6., unique nanotechnology reform, clever base shock absorption design, effective shielding of equipment on the workbench when shaking;
7. The test sieve box and vibrating plate are made of SUS304 stainless steel;
8. The test sieve frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel and is stretched and polished. The wall thickness is 0.6mm, the gloss is uniform, durable and no magnetic.
9. The screen and the screen frame are fixed by soldering to prevent the problem of slack and sloshing, and the operation can be stabilized at >300 degrees.

 Standard test sieve (200mm) working principle:

   The standard test sieve is a YZU vertical vibration motor as the vibration source of the whole machine. The upper vibration plate is vibrated by the vibration motor, and then transmitted to the Φ200 screen frame placed on the upper part of the vibration plate through the vibration plate, and then the sieve frame needs to be tested. The material particles smaller than the mesh pore size are sieved to the lower sieve frame, so that the layers are screened so that only the same particle size material is left in each test sieve, the separation of different particle sizes is achieved, and the particle size composition of the material is determined, so that the Φ200 sieve is made. The materials in the box can be very effective for filtration, classification and screening purposes.
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