6 points for installation and adjustment of circular vibrating screen

6 points for installation and adjustment of circular vibrating screen

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Vibrating screen is a kind of equipment widely used for the classification of bulk materials. In industrial fields such as coal preparation and ore dressing, vibrating screens are used for classification, dewatering, desliming, and disintermediation. It uses vibration characteristics to meet the requirements of the process and work process in production. Circular vibrating screen is a common type of vibrating screen. In the process of installation and adjustment, we must pay attention to the following:
6 points for circular vibrating screen:
    1. The spring must be in a vertical state, and the contact surface between the spring support and the spring must be horizontal. After adjustment, the upper support of the spring is fixed on the trunnion of the screen box with bolts, and then spot welded into one body.
    2. The driving direction of the vibrating screen is positioned, standing at the feeding end, observing the position of the motor facing the direction of material flow, and getting left or right driving. When the driving direction needs to be changed, remove the vibrator pulley from the balance wheel, reinstall it on the other balance wheel and tighten it.
    3. Make sure that the tension of the V belt is fully adjusted, and ensure that the grooves corresponding to the two belt wheels correspond one by one in their respective planes.
    4. After the installation and adjustment of the circular vibrating screen is completed, a no-load trial operation of not less than 2h should be performed. Requires smooth operation, no abnormal noise, amplitude and motion trajectory meet the requirements, the high temperature of the bearing does not exceed 75 ℃.
    5. After the no-load test run is qualified, it can be put into load test run, and the load test time can be performed according to the process test requirements.
    6. Before testing the circular vibrating screen, you must turn the shaker by hand (or other methods). The machine should be operated flexibly without jamming.

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