Solution to the rust problem of carbon steel vibrating screen

Solution to the rust problem of carbon steel vibrating screen

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Carbon steel vibrating screen is a common screening equipment. The material is Q235 carbon steel. Due to the low price of this series of equipment, it is also widely used. However, due to the nature of carbon steel, rust will appear due to oxidation after a period of use. So how does the carbon steel vibrating screen solve the rust problem?
1. Spray paint on the equipment surface. Paint spraying is a common rust prevention measure for carbon steel vibrating screens. The principle is to spray a layer of paint on the surface of the equipment after the assembly of carbon steel vibrating screens is assembled. The purpose is to isolate the moisture in the production environment from carbon steel oxidation.
2. Sandblast the surface of the equipment. This treatment method is a kind of anti-corrosion technology that is superior to painting treatment. After the carbon steel vibrating screen is assembled, it enters the blasting room and sprays the surface of the equipment with a special blasting equipment. The advantage is that the surface of the produced equipment is more clean and tidy, the appearance of the equipment is more exquisite, and the rust problem caused by the oxidation of the equipment is effectively prevented.
3. The polishing of each solder joint is not neglected. Carbon steel is used for gas shielded welding when welding. If the welding point is not polished after welding, the welding point will have oxidation problems and rust. Therefore, after the welding is completed, the welding point needs to be polished and protected to ensure the quality of the equipment.
 The above is the method of carbon steel vibrating screen to solve the problem of rust.

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