What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic vibration screens?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic vibration screens?

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Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a high-precision screening equipment, which can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical, metallurgy and other industries. In particular, it has an effective screening effect on high-precision, light specific gravity, blocked nets, sticky nets, adsorption, agglomeration, and static materials. So do you know the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic vibrating screens?
Advantages of ultrasonic vibrating screen:
1. Using the ultrasonic screen cleaning device can effectively solve the problem of blocking the fine materials, the accuracy is above 95%, and the output is 1-10 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen;
2. Energy saving and environmental protection. The whole machine adopts a fully enclosed design, which can effectively prevent the escape of powder materials and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the production environment. The whole equipment consumes less energy;
3. Simple operation. With the automatic loading and receiving system, it can realize no manual operation and can contact the operation 24 hours;
4. Long service life and easy maintenance, you can change the network in 3-5 minutes;
5. Low noise and small volume, the installation of universal wheels can realize production at random.
Disadvantages of ultrasonic vibrating screen:
1. Compared with ordinary vibrating screen, the price of ultrasonic vibrating screen will be 30% -50% higher;
2. Adhesive net frame structure is required, and professional net bonding tools are required for net bonding;
3. Not suitable for the screening of large granular materials;

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