Stainless steel sintered mesh filter
Stainless steel sintered mesh filter
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Stainless steel sintered mesh filter

The sintered mesh filter element is a new type of filter material with high strength and overall rigidity, which is made of multi-layer structure through special lamination and vacuum sintering. It can achieve uniform and uniform filtration performance fo

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 1. It has high mechanical strength and compressive strength.

2. The multi-layer network is composed of a protective layer, an accuracy control layer, a dispersion layer and a multi-layer reinforcement layer.

3. Five-layer gradient compound filtering.

4. Can be used for continuous filtration from -200 degrees up to 650 degrees.

5. The surface filter structure with countercurrent cleaning effect is easy to clean.

6. Uniform filtration performance for 2-200um.

Product name: Sintered mesh filter
Specifications: 5-40 inches
Working pressure: 0.1-34MPa
Accuracy: 1-300μm
Working temperature: ≤500 ° C
Efficiency: 98%
Material used: all stainless steel
Non-standard: can be customized production
Main material:  filter core for polyester melt, filter core for chemical fiber melt, etc.


 Widely used in polymer filtration, petrochemical industry, high temperature gas dust removal, oil refining process filtration, viscose filtration, ultrafiltration pre-filtration, vacuum pump protection filter, filter membrane support, catalyst carrier, automobile airbag, aircraft Filtration of fuel oil for ships and other hydraulic systems.

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