Metal powder sintered filter
Metal powder sintered filter
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Metal powder sintered filter

Metal powder sintered filter is made of tin bronze powder, stainless steel and other metal powder through high temperature sintering. It has high filtration accuracy, good permeability, high mechanical strength, high material utilization rate, and is suit

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1. It can effectively remove suspended matter and particles, with excellent filtration accuracy and good purification effect.

2. Good air permeability and low pressure loss.

3. Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, etc.

4. The filter element is completely composed of spherical powder with high porosity.

5. The pore size is uniform and smooth, the initial resistance is small, and it is easy to blow back.

6. Strong regeneration ability and long service life.

Product name: Metal powder sintered filter
Specifications: 5-40 inches
Working pressure:   0.1-34MPa
Accuracy: 1-200μm
Working temperature: ≤500 ° C
Efficiency: 98%
Material metal powder
Non-standard: can be customized production


 Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other basic industries as filter materials, porous electrode materials, sound absorbing materials, shock absorption materials, divergent cooling materials, catalysts and catalytic reduction materials, antifreeze and buffer materials

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