What is a 3M large flow folding filter?

What is a 3M large flow folding filter?

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-08-21 10:59:13
  3M large flow folding filter product description:
  3M large flow folding filter body is 6 inches in diameter, single-end opening, fluid direction from inside to outside, external structure using reinforced polypropylene (PP) skeleton, filter layer using polypropylene microporous filter membrane folding structure, large amount of dirt, use long life. The end cap and the filter layer are all made by hot melt welding technology, and the structure is stable.
  3M large flow folding filter performance characteristics:
1. The whole polypropylene (pp) material has good chemical durability and wider application.
2, the micro-porous membrane deep special discount structure, with high flux, low resistance, long life and other advantages.
3, internal and external skeleton structure, the overall hot-melt welding technology, so that the overall structural strength of the filter element is greatly increased.
  3M large flow folding filter application field:
Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in the biopharmaceutical industry
Power plant desalination station condensate, condensate, stator cooling water filtration
Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis front security filter
Urban sewage treatment plant pre-filtration
Seawater desalination pre-filtration

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