Knowledge about precision filter

Knowledge about precision filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-05-11


Precision filter element is also called filter element. It is divided into wire wound filter element and PP melt-blown filter element. It mainly filters large particles such as sediment in raw water.
Precision filter application areas:
Manufacturing industry: automotive glass steel pulping and textile;
Power industry: boiler thermal power generation cooling cycle, etc .;
Catering industry: beverage, food, dairy, drinking water hotels, etc .;
Electroplating industry: coating lighting cooling and cooling metal-plated LED lights, etc .;
Optoelectronics industry: photovoltaic photovoltaic lighting new energy LED lights, etc .;
Electronic industry: electronic originals such as electrical chip circuit boards and single-chip computers;
Pharmaceutical industry: medical device oral liquid finished medicine biological preparation, etc .;
Energy industry: Oxidation semiconductor semiconductor silicon materials instead of metal extraction, etc.

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