Influence of water content in hydraulic oil on hydraulic system

Influence of water content in hydraulic oil on hydraulic system

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-27
Analysis of the influence of water content in hydraulic oil on hydraulic system:
(Stainless steel filter element) The hydraulic oil is mixed with water, and the water content in the hydraulic oil exceeds 0.5% will generally become turbid. Long-term operation of hydraulic oil containing more water will accelerate the aging of the oil product, causing rust or corrosion of the metal, and water in the oil. After that, the oil will be emulsified and the lubricity will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the free water at the bottom of the fuel tank should be drained in time during use, and the water content in the oil should be constantly monitored, and the oil should be changed in time when the water content significantly exceeds the standard.
Another indicator is air release. When the air-dissolved hydraulic oil returns from high pressure to low pressure, a large amount of air is released, forming a misty foam in the oil and dispersed in the oil. Air release is the ability of hydraulic oil to release the air bubbles dispersed in it. Hydraulic oil with poor air release can cause the hydraulic actuator to move in place or slow when used.
After the oil has little flow, or the air is dissolved in the hydraulic oil, when the pressure is reduced through the pressure reducing valve, the air will be released from the oil at a very high speed, causing cavitation corrosion, generating strong vibration and noise. When the hydraulic oil is compressed, energy loss is caused due to gas compression, so that the hydraulic system cannot work normally.
The presence of air in the oil will also accelerate the aging of the oil product. There are two indicators related to air in the specifications of the hydraulic oil. The first is foaming. When the hydraulic system is running, the circulating oil returned to the oil tank agitates the oil layer and makes the oil resistant. Poor foaming hydraulic oil will form a layer of foam on the surface of the fuel tank and will overflow from the top of the fuel tank in severe cases. Foaming property indicates the tendency of the product to form foam and the stable performance of foam formation.

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