Security large flow folding filter

Security large flow folding filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-25


The high-flow folding filter element has outstanding chemical compatibility. The filter membrane is a fold-type deep-layer filter. The membrane has a large filtration area, low pressure difference, strong dirt holding capacity, long service life, and a wide range of filtration accuracy. Less replacement times reduce labor costs. The design of the sealed interface reduces the risk of side flow, improves filtration efficiency, eases installation, and reduces labor costs.
Filter elements are widely used in sewage treatment plants, power plants, RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment, and pharmaceutical industry, biopharmaceutical industry API, solvent, water filtration;
Beverage industry: filtration of alcohol, mineral water and drinking water;
Petroleum industry: oilfield water injection filtration;
Electronics industry: high-purity water pre-filtration;
Chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and alkalis, large-scale reverse osmosis pretreatment filtration, effective protection of reverse osmosis systems.
Security large flow filter characteristics
1. Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents
2. Low differential pressure, strong dirt holding performance and long service life
3. The filter membrane is a foldable deep-layer filter, and the membrane filtration area is large.
4. More precision can be selected

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