What is a fat folding filter

What is a fat folding filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-24


The fat filter element is actually a folding filter element, but it is directly larger than an ordinary folding filter element, so it is called a fat filter element. There are two series according to the external dimensions: 81mm diameter, -226 seal ring; 131mm diameter, -334 seal ring. Filter materials are PP (folded, meltblown), hydrophilic PES filter, PTFE filter, and hydrophilic PTFE filter. The large diameter design of this series of filter elements combined with the increased effective filtering area can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and the size of the housing. Due to the large flow in many applications, long filter life can reduce investment and labor costs.
Big fat folding filter product features
1. Ultrasonic welding without any adhesive
2.The filter element is 100% integrity tested
3. Filter element with large diameter and large volume
4. No filter medium is falling off;
5.Super long service life
6.Large circulation
Big fat folding filter product application
Liquid filtration for wet processes in the electronics industry.
Clarification and sterilization filtration in the beverage industry.
Chemical and pharmaceutical high pressure and large flow water filtration.

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