About filtration in the oil industry

About filtration in the oil industry

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-23


Briefly introduce the filtration products and scope of the petroleum industry.
Main filtering scope of the petroleum industry:
1. Removal of water, free carbon, acid value and gum in oil
2. Filtration of fuel additives
3. Filtration of impurities entrained in raw gas
4. Removal of rust and pipe droppings
5. Filtration of impurities in make-up water
6. Filtration of activated carbon powder
The main filtered products in the oil industry:
Filtration of petrochemical products, filtration of fuel additives, enhanced oil recovery, amine solution filtration, glycol liquid filtration, glycol liquid filtration, gas purification process, distillation and cracking process, amine cleaning agent, marine filtration station (off Shore filtration station), oil drilling and injection fluids, drilling oil and injection fluids.

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