Oil Filter -How effective is the filter

Oil Filter -How effective is the filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-20


    There are many factors that affect the filtering power of the filter. How can the filtering power of the filter be effectively maintained. For sewage filtration, attention is paid to details. The filtering power elements introduced here are as follows;
    First, activity uniformity
    We know that the resistance encountered by the filter passing through the filter is very large. On the one hand, the density of the water below will be greater than the density of the water at the top of the tube at this moment. The water flow is quite small. At this moment, the water reducing agent is filtered, and the filtering power is reduced. Then maintaining a stable activity is an effective way to deal with this problem.
    Second, before and after different water filtration
    Impurities in large particles of water, suspended matter is more resistant to it is relatively large, under normal circumstances, the flow rate of water will be much lower than the pre-filtered water speed after filtering. The remaining effect of the penetration of suspended solids added in water can penetrate the bottom, replacing the agglomerated filter layer, and then the filter can be advanced to filter.
    Third, the backwash process is accelerated
    Many active cleaning filters, anti-cleaning skills. Successful cleaning of the filter bag is an important element in ensuring the filtration power. Therefore, the strength of backflushing is strengthened, and then the dust is separated from the impurities of the filter and the flushing effect is completed, so the filtering is performed and the filtered water is removed to continue the impurities that greatly advance the working power.
    Filtration operation, pay attention to these factors affecting the filter, comprehensively advance the power of the filter, so that the sewage treatment reaches a better effect.

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