Structure analysis of high flow filter element

Structure analysis of high flow filter element

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2020-03-18

 Large flow filter element is also called high flow water filter element, large flow filter element, large flux filter element, large flow folding filter element, etc. It is a core component of water treatment with a wide range of applications. Generally, the inner and outer frame of PP material is used. The layer is made of a variety of materials such as protective nets, non-woven fabrics, and filter membranes, which can adapt to most water treatment conditions. At present, there are many filter element brands in the market such as: PALL, 3M, PARKER, etc. However, due to the higher price of imported filter cartridges and the longer delivery time, it is very inconvenient for customers.

odx filtration has replaced most of the brand's high-flow filter elements with localization. Starting from the details, all parts are opened one to one to ensure that they have exactly the same installation dimensions. At the same time, it can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual operating conditions of the customer. The product quality has reached the same level of imported filter elements. Compared with foreign-imported filter elements, our domestically produced high-flow filter elements have great advantages in terms of filter element quality, price, delivery time and service.
Analysis of the structure of the large flow filter element:
  Because the structure of the high-flow filter is similar, only the PALL high-flow filter is taken as an example;
1. End cap part: High-strength PP (polypropylene) end cap, exactly the same size as the original, universal in the world
2. Filter layer part: a variety of filter materials such as protective mesh layer, non-woven fabric layer, and high-precision filter membrane are evenly arranged to maximize the filtering effect.
3. Connection part: The high-flow filter element does not contain any adhesive. All connection parts are bonded by ultrasonic hot-melt to ensure strength and prevent secondary pollution
4. Sealing part: selected according to working conditions, butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone, etc., with excellent anti-aging performance
5. Process part: Use the market-leading “M” type high and low corrugation process to arrange, which can effectively increase the filtration area, increase the dirt holding capacity of the filter element, and thus increase the service life.
6.Frame part: Dedicated and customized one-piece high-strength PP skeleton, equipped both inside and outside, to ensure the compression resistance of the filter element

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