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Large Flow Folding Filter Cartri Large Flow Folding Filter Cartri

High flow filter cartridge is made of diameter and pleated design,with high-strengh pp center core,outside to inside flow direction.Outer cage have two types:integral pp cage and polyester mesh.

Pleated Filter Cartridge Pleated Filter Cartridge

PP Pleated Water Filter is constructed by 100% polypropylene media, with hard polypropylene core and cage providing a wide range of chemical compatibility. Polypropylene end caps are thermally bonded to the media packs eliminating any need for adhesives which might react with or contaminate critical process fluids.

String Wound Filter Cartridge String Wound Filter Cartridge

String wound filter is washable depth filter cartridge, use of high-performance fiber (polypropylene,cotton,glass fiber,etc.) according to a specific process,tightly wrapped on a porous skeleton (PP or SS support), put an end to the fiber deformation and fiber shedding, can effectively remove suspended solids in the fluid, particulates, rust and other debris, has wide applicability.

Metal Pleated Filter Cartridge Metal Pleated Filter Cartridge

The metal pleated filter is mainly made of metal fiber sintered felt and metal woven wire mesh.The former can be made into a multi-layer structure with a coarse to fine pore diameter, and has the characteristics of high porosity and high dirt holding capacity.The latter is made of stainless steel wire with different pore diameters, and the filter element has the characteristics of good strength, not easy to fall off, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance and economical use.

Coalescenc Separation Filter Car Coalescenc Separation Filter Car

The coalescence separation filter is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely, coalescence filter and separation filter.

Air Filter Cartridge Air Filter Cartridge

Air filter cartridge adopts air filter composite filter paper and imported fiber polyester filter material with excellent filtering effect. Wide pleat design for increased effective filtration area. The galvanized end cap and the diamond-shaped inner net are not easy to rust and have a high opening ratio. Special glue seals and bonds.

Air Compressor Oil-gas Separatio Air Compressor Oil-gas Separatio

A device that is used to separate the air in oil to ensure that lubricant system can run smoothly. Manufactured by imported micron-graded glass fiber. Uniform diameter and thickness of the glass fiber can ensure the accuracy of separation.

Coalescence Oil Filter Machine Coalescence Oil Filter Machine

The coalescence oil filter machine combines the functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration, and uses advanced “coalescence separation” technology for dehydration. It has high dehydration efficiency and strong ability, especially for separating a large amount of water in oil. It can break all the oil-water emulsion structure in the medium. Through the filtration of the particle filtration system, the cleanliness of the medium can be stably controlled to the system requirements to ensure the cleanliness of the oil. Does not change the physical and chemical properties of the oil, and prolongs the service life of the oil. Low energy consumption and low operating costs. Excellent system configuration, continuous working performance, suitable for online operation.

Security Filter (Precision Filte Security Filter (Precision Filte

Security filter, also known as stainless steel precision filters, filter cartridge filters. It consists of two parts: a filter and a filter element, which can be single-core or multi-core. The specific filter material, the specifications are selected according to the customer's actual situation; the filter inside the filter with different materials and different precision can effectively remove all kinds of tiny impurities based on the filter element.

Oil Mist Separator Oil Mist Separator

The air outlet of the oil mist separator is connected with the air inlet of the explosion-proof fan, and the oil mist is extracted from the oil tank by the suction force of the fan, and the oil mist is separated into air and oil droplets through the filter core, and the clean air is discharged through the fan, and the oil droplets are discharged. Return to the fuel tank.


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